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As one of Medway's popular shopping centres with around 200 shops, Gillingham has an excellent choice of brand names to choose from, including Woolworths, Boots, W. H. Smith, Somerfield, Iceland and the Co-op foodstores.

Barebones have now got a website so that you can buy online. If you are fed up with the lack of parking in Gillingham this may be the answer at least one of your problems.

Gillingham (Kent) shops

Bharath Spices
Food Retail
37 High St Telephone
Citizens Advice Bureau
Government Agencies
Green St Telephone 0870 1264095
Billy's Quality Greengrocer
150 HighSt Telephone
73 High St Telephone 01634 577549
Right Kard
Greeting Card Retailers
75 High St Telephone 01634 281516
Card Warehouse
Greeting Card Retailers
115 High St Telephone
Greeting Card Retailers
129 High St Telephone 01634 579777
Card Galleries
Greeting Card Retailers
1a Chard Court, James Street Telephone 01634 853596
Hair Pavillion
Hairdressers Hair Stylists
58 High St Telephone 01634 573959
M. H. Designer Crew
Hairdressers Hair Stylists
16 High St Telephone 01634 855911
Fraser's Hair
Hairdressers Hair Stylists
103 High St Telephone
Hairdressers Hair Stylists
29A High St Telephone
Hairdressers Hair Stylists
45 High St Telephone 01634 577871
Hair Cutters Ltd
Hairdressers Hair Stylists
46 Jeffrey St Telephone 01634 576976
Hairdressers Hair Stylists
28 Jeffrey St Telephone 01634 573003
Ali Barbers
Hairdressers Hair Stylists
25 Skinner Street Telephone 01634 576371
Tony's Barber
Hairdressers Hair Stylists
Canterbury St Telephone
Bays and co
Hardware Retailers
3 King Street Telephone 01634 851772
Health and Beauty
147 High St Telephone 01634 851634
Health and Beauty
115 High St Telephone

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